As Tablo successfully returns to the music scene with the release of his first solo album in YG Entertainment, the person in charge of “WhatBecomes” continues to be at large online. “WhatBecomes” is the website created by the same person who spread rumours about Tablo’s academic credentials, which ended up in a lawsuit last year.

However, on October 21, the said owner opened up another ‘We Want the Truth from Tablo (TaJinYo)’ online cafe and already attracted 780 members upon its launch. The return came just one year after the online cafe with the original name was shut down. The new members were also keen on raising their suspicisions once again on Tablo’s school records and continued on posting malicious comments and rumours against the singer.

The person behind the ID Whatbecomoes is a Korean resident who lives in the U.S. and was sued by Tablo for spreading false information. South Korea initially sent a request to bring the said person back to South Korea, but never materialized. As of the moment, Whatbecomes continues to be at large on the internet.

Tablo’s representatives further sent a notice about this issue by saying, “I believe they sent in a criminal extradition request. But we have never heard from the prosecutors’ office about Whatbecomes being brought in to Korea.”

The trial is set to continue in December with more materials notarized by the American courts.

Source: EnewsWorld

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  1. theblackcat1236 says:

    I don’t really get what WhatBecomes is trying to do. Tablo’s academic credentials are basically irrelevant to his career as a rapper, it’s not like he’s a bad rapper because he didn’t go to Stanford.

  2. aasdfasfasdf says:

    i just care about his academic credentials.

  3. i love tablo’s music.. i’ll always support him..
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  4. Why are they doing this, these people are just making up these lies so that Tablo will be thought as a liar. But you can’t fight with the truth Tablo is telling the absolute truth!

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