Kara’s Hara publicly confirms her relationship with BEAST’s Junhyung, in an appearance with MBC’s “Radio Star” last Wednesday. On the said interview, she confessed that she is still dating Junhyung, completely denying the previous rumor that they had already broken up. Hara further confessed that she hasn’t been able to see him these days because of their schedules. They also couldn’t contact each other tha much because of their overseas activities. However, she did clarify that they are doing well, and have not broken up.


After which, Hara also took the chance to apologize to the rest of the group when news of her relationship with Junhyung broke out last June. She further revealed that she hasn’t told anyone because they were starting to get to know each other but admitted that they have been dating for a month when the news broke out.

Source: 10Asiae


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