Cube Entertainment has won the battle to suspend the decision made by the Ministry of Gender and Equality and Family as they labelled one of Beast’s tracks as “harmful to youth”. Last July, the ministry released a statement stating that the track “When It Rains” had lyrics encouraging youths to drink alcohol. As a result, the track had an airtime ban in radios and television on certain times.

However, Cube Entertainment challenged the decision as they filed a suit to nullify the rating as the song does not promote alcoholism. And with that,Seoul’sAdministrative Courtruled out a censorship made by the ministry, further asking them to revoke the decision.

The court was quoted saying:

“The lyrics of a song cannot be considered harmful to adolescents just because they are deemed to promote drinking, the court said Thursday, suspending a government decision. We suspend the effectiveness of the ministry’s decision for the next 15 days. We recognize the need to take such action in order to prevent the plaintiff from sustaining unnecessary damage.”

Source:Korea Times
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