Bigbang’s leader Gdragon has published a handwritten message dedicated to his loyal fans. Earlier today, Bigbang’s Daum Cafe has been updated with a lengthy message from the leader as he talked about BigBang’s upcoming fifth anniversary and his birthday. Further expressing that he will politely decline all presents given on his birthday.

More of his message under the cut:

Hello VIP .. ^^

It’s been so long .. Have you been well?

I should’ve written you letters often and stuff but it’s all just talk, I’m sorry ..

Now soon BIGBANG would meet its fifth anniversary, and my birthday is coming near. Thank you for already congratulating us/me ~ really..!

If I think about it, I always got overflowing love, more than I deserve, every birthday.. but on this year’s birthday, since it’s BIGBANG’s fifth anniversary and all, I thought I would do something good and meaningful and now I attempt to write a letter which I’ve never been so good at writing, with my ugly handwriting and shy heart.. I know that up until now, my beautiful fans have done angelic deeds and helped others out in my name. (I think I have luck in meeting great fans ?! ㅋ) But this year, dear fans, I would like to pay back, in the name of VIP..! And I have something to ask you. On this year’s birthday, I will politely decline all presents. My pretties’ hearts are more~ than enough, so just wish me a happy birthday with warm hearts and no more~ ^^

From now on, I hope I won’t just receive from you, but rather making meaningful time and memories together. In this happy mind, I send you a ‘last farewell’~

I don’t wanna be without you VIP~ ♬

Forever, as a leader of BIGBANG, as a leader of G-Dragon, I will work hard ‘day by day’ to show you the awesome and mature us/me!

Be careful of your health in this hot weather ~ dont ‘have an affair’!

bye~ ♥

SOURCE: Bigbang’s Cafe + Toptopia
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