Despite the negative press concerningJejuIsland’s Nomination Event, guest performers Girls’ Generation generated an online discussion today after it was revealed that the members made in-flight announcements while on their plane back to Seoul.

Apparently, a post published online with the title saying, “Things that happened on the plane when SNSD came back from Jeju” garnered a lot of interest – after a flight attendant published details of SNSD’s doings while on the plane. More of the update, under the cut:

According to the tweet and online post on the 20th of July, a flight attendant revealed that after finishing their schedules back in Jeju – the members of SNSD imitated the in-flight announcement, after finding it interesting. After noting down the announcement, it was reported that Tiffany and Sooyoung did the first introductions and guiding information in both English and Korean – while the rest of the members followed through the in flight announcements.

This is not the first time the members have done this feat, as they have previously done the same act while on an hired plane toLos Angelesfor their SMTown Concert last year.

Fans who have read the post immediately left comments such as, commented “I also want to hear the announcement”, “There’s nothing they can’t do”, “Until now they’re still like 17 years old girls”, “I also want to enjoy the comfort for an hour” and “Really, those who take the plan are very blessed”, etc.

SOURCE: Star News and Fanwonder
Article By OHKPOP (


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