Lee Hyori’s former songwriter who caused her numerous accusations on plagiarism has finally been charged for illegally copying of foreign songs. A district court has ordered Lee Hyori’s songwriter”Bahnus” to pay her former agency 270 million won in compensation. “Bahnus” has previously received 27 million won for six songs which was included in Hyori’s fourth album – which turned out to be downloaded from a foreign music website.

More of the issue under the cut:

Hyori’s former agency CJ E&M in turn was sued by the original songwriters for copyright infringement while “Bahnus” was on trial on other charges. After the charges were pressed, Lee Hyori since then stopped promotions from that album and was reported to have affected further sales. The six songs in which the songwriter copied and sold to CJ E&M were “I’m back”, “Feel the same”, “Bring it back”, “Highlight”, “Geunae” (Swing), and “Memory”.

The judge who made the order was then quoted stated, “CJ E&M suffered damage amounting to 600 million won and was sued by foreign songwriters and domestic companies on charges of copyright infringement due to the plagiarism. Lee’s agency also claims that the controversy badly affected the sale of Lee’s album, causing losses of up to 360 million won”,

SOURCE: Koreatimes and  Hancinema
Article By OHKPOP (iloveohkpop.wordpress.com)

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