Super Junior’s Kim Heechul has vented out his thoughts on Twitter today after he was rumored to be the person who orchestrated the dating between BEAST’s Junhyung and KARA’s Hara. Being close friends with Junhyung, some netizens have intensely speculated that Heechul was the one who organized the set up between the two idol couples.

With the issue between Junhyung and Hara’s confirmation that they are dating, despite all the media attention and fanwar – Kim Heechul is believed to be one of the person attacked by the sudden rumours.

To clarify his side, Heechul tweeted this message today, “I’m having great time with my friend Jun Hyung in a while. I heard some stupid rumors recently. Well, I don’t have enough time to arrange a date for someone and I feel sorry for my fans to let them hear such a rumor.” He also added that, “If I stay quiet, things tend to get even wilder. Some netizens even write a fiction story about it. I hear weird things even if I don’t get on Internet. It’s pretty sad for Jun Hyung, his fans, me and for my fans.”

SOURCE: En Korea and Sup3rJunior
Article By OHKPOP (


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