In light of the recent appearance cancellation made by KBS against JYJ for the Jeju 7 Wonders of The World Nomination, the broadcast agency has confirmed its side for the matter. On a recent interview with Mydaily, the representative of the station has confirmed decision that SNSD and f(x)’s appearances will be more effective.

More of their statement under the cut:

As quoted, the agency was caught saying, “We were propelling the appearance of Girls Generation and F(x) from before but they fell through due to scheduling problems. But at the end of the preparation stages for the broadcast, they said that they could appear. The duty of our broadcast station from the perspective of culture is to introduce many stars to the region’s society. In viewing the program as a whole, we considered just what is effective.”

Further saying that, “To the side of JYJ, we respectfully revealed our apologetic position.” Meanwhile, the local government representative of Jeju, who is one of the hosts for the event, as revealed that they did not know of the sudden cancellation as it was something KBS Jeju has planned through. Further stating that because of the recent issue, the government was falsely charged over something that they have not done.

SOURCE: MyDaily and JYJ3
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  1. JYJ_try says:

    JYJ fighting…always support u…:X:X:X…P/s: SNSD and f(x), KBS,…they are just garbage for me…>”<

  2. meme says:

    whatever KBS …. people know better than to by that .

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