After recent speculations that Cube Entertainment will be bringing their “United Cube Concert” outside South Korea, organizers of the event has confirmed that they are aiming to have the concert first in London, United Kingdom on the 11th of November. According to the ogranizers, they have confirmed that, “Requested by promoters in England, we are currently consulting with them. We are aiming for November 11th. We are coordinating details with the venue managers. After SM’s concert in Paris, Europe concert vendors are looking at K-POP with high interest. It was a meaningful event that showed Korean singers’ ticket power. “We find great meaning in holding the first K-POP concert in the home of Pop, England”.

After the confirmation, they have also announced that after the concert in England, they will also be holding the same event in Brazil. As they continue to spread the Korean wave market across the World.

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  1. lomahtw says:

    good for Kpop and good for European fans and especially Latin American fans. Once Kpop gets rolling with the increase of its popularity around the world. there will be more to come to Europe and Latin America. YG, JYP and others are not far away. The toughest of all is the US that may never be invaded. We will see how the Wonder Girls and 2NE1 will do in the 2nd half of this year and this is crucial not just for the both groups but Kpop as a whole.

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