JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is reported to be receiving treatment for a bacterial infection on his right arm. Last June of this year, Jaejoong joins JYJ as they particpated in the ‘Asian Dream Cup’ charity soccer in Vietnam and is stated to have been bitten by a harmful insect on his right arm. However, Jaejoong didn’t receive treatment for it and ended up letting the infection worsen.

More of his agency’s statement under the cut:

According to his agency,“He was bitten while waiting for his Vietnam performance. He was sweating a lot at the time, so he kept scratching the bite, which had gotten very itchy, causing the wound to deepen.”

After making a late visit in a hospital in South Korea, it was further revealed that the infection has gotten severe as it had already spread extensively through hi right arm. Further stating that the infection grew worse of alcohol intake, as Jaejoong has attended parties after their performances. After receiving treatment for the infection, it was also confirmed that Jaejoong’s right arm has retained a scar.

The agency further confirms that, “He has big scars in two different parts of his arm. We believe the infection has not been completely eradicated just yet. He has to receive treatment for it again later.”

Currently, Jaejoong is filming for his first drama debut for SBS “Protect The Boss”.

SOURCE: Hankooki and Dongbangdata
Written By OHKPOP (iloveohkpop.wordpress.com) 


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