Calling all fans of YG Entertainment in the United Kingdom, this post is for you! Official news in South Korea published an article about a group of YG Entertainment’s fans currently gaining all the hype for their Facebook event page “Bring YG to the UK”, as they plan to do a flash mob event in a bid to bring Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en and others in the country.

The event has been set up to invite more fans to do a flash mob in Trafalgar Square on the 9th of July. Fans invited are asked to dress in “Lollipop Theme, Uniqlo Bigbang Shirts, bright colours, lots of accessories or Dr Dre Beats headpohones” – somehow similar to the fashion sported by YG Entertainment’s artists.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment has made a response to this online hype by releasing a statement saying, “ We would like to perform there when a good opportunity comes around and we have been asked to as well, but as of now, we do not know at all when that will be”.


More information about the event from the Facebook page :

We will probably meet up near trafalgar square at around 14:30..

A chance to really show the huge and growing YG fan base in the UK- hopefully it’ll be even better than the one they did in Paris for SM 🙂

Dress code: Lollipop Theme(check mv) / Uniqlo Bigbang t-shirts / bright colours, lots of accessories / Dr dre beats headphones

Songs to perform:

-Digital Bounce
-Better Together
-Love Song
-Last Farewell
-High High
-Baby Don’t Cry
-Wedding Dress
-Strong Baby
-I Am The Best
-Can’t Nobody Eng.Version
-I Don’t Care
-Clap Your Hands
BIGBANG & 2NE1 -Lollipop

Learn as much as possible from Victoria Situ’s video- we will base the flash mob around the songs in the video & I am the best by 2NE1 at the end 🙂

Organiser: Katy K-pop
Sub coordinators: Liz Bang & Victoria Situ

SOURCE: Bring YG to the UK and 10 Asiae 
Article By OHKPOP ( 


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