Earlier today, the autopsy results regarding the accident Bigbang’s Daesung has been revealed to the public. Seoul’s Yeongdeungpo Police has confirmed the results that the motorcyclist died from the collision made by Daesung’s vehicle, causing a deep dent of speculation and worry for YG Entertainment and their fans alike.

However, just awhile ago – YG Entertainment also announced an official notice regarding Daesung and Bigbang’s upcoming activities.

With regards to Daesung’s recent conviction, Yang Hyunsuk confirms in a short interview that:

“Daesung will take the moral responsibility for the accident and follow legal procedures.”

“Daesung is currently in a state of shock. He will be taking time off and halting all of his activities as a celebrity to reflect on the unfortunate accident. Things are very hectic right now, so it is difficult to say anything regarding Big Bang’s current and future activities.”

Activity-wise, YG Entertainment confirmed that they will carry out all official activities for the first half of the year with the remaining four members – including the mini- concert in Seoul, Plantoon Kunsthalle and Gangam-gu. After which, all activities of the group for the second half of the year will be halted until official notice.

According to YG Entertaintment,

” We will carry out the concert as we have planned. T.O.P., G-Dragon, Seungri and Taeyang will attend it but Daesung will not. At the meantime,Daesung is refraining from carrying out any activities and having some time for himself to reflect over the incident.”

” The activities of Big Bang in the 1st half of this year has been completed and for this incident, they are having a break from the activities now.” we have not fixed their activities for the second half of this year yet. After the concert, we will try to discuss with the members about the plan in the second half of the year.”

In regards to Big Bang’s individual or group activites, the agency confirms that it is unclear for now as they were quoted saying,  ” We have not discussed the future activities of the other members yet so it is not clear now. And of course, besides Daesung, we will have enough time to discuss about their plan in the second half of the year internally.”

SOURCE: Soompi and BigbangUpdates
Article By OHKPOP (iloveohkpop.wordpress.com) 


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  1. N.Trang says:

    Undesirable and incidental situations happens even to the fondest of hearts. It’s how you handle them and allow time to heal is what’s important. I’m positive Kang Daesung’s family, friends, and the YG Entertainment Family will try to support him along the way. I’m sure everyone included in all parties wants to carry some of the burden with them, I honestly would like to see Kang Daesung to eventually forgive and love himself again. We will have faith in you.

  2. coco_puffs says:

    big bang fans will wait for you patiently daesung! fighting! cant wait for the band to get back together; big bang isnt big bang without you dae='( i truly hope you feel better soon ❤

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