In hype of their recent promotions for their second studio album, 2PM made an interview last week in which they talked about their former leader Jay Park and his absence from their promotions. The reply comes after Jay Park previously stated that despite indirectly apologizing to the members for his departure, he has yet to see them in person and meet.

More of the interview,under the cut:

When asked about Jay Park’s latest album, member Junho expressed that, “I think we’re just going our own separate ways now.” In which Wooyoung also added that, “He’s doing the music he wanted to do and it’s the same for us. We have our own ways to go. Now we feel rather nonchalant about his departure, but we hope for the best of him.”

Meanwhile, Taecyeon also expressed their maturity as a group by saying, “A lot of issues have happened so far but we’ve been able to grow as a team and our friendship has matured as well. We were able to become the 2PM of now by filling out each other’s weaknesses.” 

SOURCE: Soompi
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