With all the negative media circulating around BigBang’s Daesung, it has been reported today that Daesung along with YG Entertainment representatives made their first visit to the funeral of the motorcyclist and has apologized to the family members. More on, on a recent update on YGLife’s blog, the agency also revealed their apologies and concerns for the accident.

More of the update under the cut:

On a recent report to local media, Dispatch, the family members of the dead motorcyclist for the accident confirmed that, “Daesung came a little while ago (Thursday night) with YG officials. We got an apology from Daesung and YG, and talked about future funeral arrangements as well.”

On the second of June, Daesung, YG Entertainment representatives and their lawyers made the visit on the 2nd of June around 10:30 in the evening. Daesung was revealed to have repeatedly apologized for th accident as some of the member initally requested for an apology from him. Someone close to the family reported that, “Daesung too looked to be in complete agony. At first, the YG official apologized but Daesung couldn’t even say a word. The victim’s acquaintances then asked Daesung to apologize properly, and he went on to apologize to the parents and each family member of the victim, bowing his head,”

Despite the request to do so, YG Entertainment also apologized and explained the reason for their delay visit and confirmed that the delay was due to Daesung’s condition. According to YG Entertainment, the delay was caused by Daesung’s poor health condition and the increased attention by the media and public. Further confirming that the agency and Daesung will be taking care of all funeral costs as details will be arranged after the investigation is finalized.

As a conclusion to their statements, the family members further expressed that : “The dead cannot speak. But at least the dead shouldn’t feel victimized. We just hope for a clear investigation and find the truth behind the whole accident. None of the involved parties should feel unfair or victimized. The only people we can trust at this point are the police.”

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment also updated their official blogsite and has made a short apology regarding the incident.

“I (we) apologize deeply to the family members of the one who departed due to an unfortunate accident and pray that he may rest in peace.”

SOURCE: Dispatch, Soompi, Toptopia and BigbangUpdates
Article compiled and written by OHKPOP (iloveohkpop.wordpress.com) 


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