Earlier today, various news sites broke the news that BigBang’s vocalist Kang Daesung was involved in a car collision, with a person still unconfirmed to be injured or dead. Despite recent confusion for the reports of the events, two official statements from the investigating team and Daesung’s agency YG Entertainment has been revealed to the public.

Statements released by the Police:

“Big Bang’s Daesung crashed into a passed-out motorcyclist with his car on the morning of May 31st at Yanghwa Bridge. The motorcyclist was already passed out due to a previous accident when Daesung crashed into him.”

“The motorcyclist has been admitted to the hospital where his death has yet to be confirmed. We are investigating whether or not alcohol was involved.”

Source: Koreaboo

Article that mentions YG Entertainment’s statement about the incident:

Daesung was driving his car at 1:40 am in the morning at the southern extremity of the Seoul Yanghwa Bridge and while going downhill, at the end he crashed directly into a taxi from behind. Fortunately the taxi driver did not suffer any major injuries.

Daesung’s agency, YG Entertainment, revealed that Daesung was driving on the first lane while the taxi was driving in front of him. The taxi drvier then changed to the second lane suddenly and back to the first lane and suddenly stopped causing the collision.

As soon as Daesung got out of the car he walked towards the taxi driver and asked, “Are you okay?”. The taxi driver replied, “Right now I’m not the problem, there is a motorcycle driver already collapsed on the floor bleeding so I switched to the second lane to avoid hitting him but then I moved back to call for emergency.” said the the taxi driver.

Daesung and the taxi driver are currently being investigated since 4:50am at the YeongDungPo Police department.

Police officials are currently investigating whether Daesung was actually involved in hitting the motorcycle driver. According to the police officials, whether the driver of the motorcycle is dead has not been confirmed yet.

Source: starnews Translated: Alee @ ibigbang

Photos from the scene:


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