Handling 2NE1’s public relations through social networking site ME2DAY, Dara announces the release of their new single ‘Lonely’ in iTunes today. On an update posted on the 15th of May, she also announced CL’s “Coming of Age” day to celebrate the leader’s birthday.

Read her full update under the cut:

Original message:

박부장이 떳다!!! ^.^ 오늘의 주요늬우스~!!!ㅋ 허걱! 아이튠스에도 드디어 론리가 나왔다규?!?꺅~! 가봐야지! +.+ 뭐라고?!?우리의 아가린이 성인이된다규? ㅠㅠ 내일은 성년의날.. 굿바이 아가린?! 오호!! 몇일뒤면 투애니원 데뷔 2주년! ^0^ 등등입니다ㅋ

In English:

Public Relations!!! ^.^ Today’s~!!!ㅋ Empty! Is ‘Lonely’ finally on iTunes?!? Kkyak~! Go see it! +.+ Eh?!? Our dear Rin? ㅠㅠ Tomorrow is ‘Coming of Age’ day.. Goodbye, baby Rin?! Oh ho!! Someday at 2NE1′s two year anniversary! ^0^ Etcㅋ

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