Recently, Black Eyed Peas member visited South Korea and has updated fans of his activities while in the country. Previously, he revealed a photo of his visit to YG Entertainment as he posed with girlgroup 2NE1 and YG’s President Yang Hyunseok. Also, just yesterday – Jay Park revealed on his Twitter account of his lunch meeting with the international artist.

Fans were then curious of what was the reason of Will.I.Am’s visit.

On the 2nd of May, revealed a photo of him with 2NE1 as he was reported to have visited YG Entertainment to discuss of the group’s advancement in the United States. More on, a photo with president Yang Hyunseok online.

On the 3rd of May, Jay Park also revealed of his lunch meeting with as he updated his Twitter account. Fans who have seen the update recently speculated if Jay Park will also expand in the American market with the help of Will.I.Am. However, on a recent interview, Jay Park revealed that the meeting was for personal reasons and not business. In a statement, he revealed that, “I had the chance to catch up with because he and my manager in the States were close friends. We met for personal reasons, and had nothing to do with business. We talked a lot about our common interests like music. I am thinking about expanding into America, but we didn’t discuss working together in specific details yet. He did mention that it would be nice if I came to Los Angeles.”  

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