Lee Minho officially joins ME2DAY! Gaining more and more followers by the minute on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Weibo – Korean actor Lee Minho expands his prowess on social networking by joining ME2DAY. On the 4th of May, Lee Minho announced his official account on Korea’s social networking website with message stating, “Hello. This is Lee Min Ho. I’ve started me2day. I’ll need to get used to this quickly^^ please teach me.Today the City Hunter team is working hard! I hope you have an invigorating day~fighting!”

SOURCE: ME2DAY + DRAMAFEVERArticle By OHKPOP (iloveohkpop.wordpress.com) 


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The dream was always running ahead of me. To catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that was the miracle.

4 responses »

  1. ngailua says:

    lmh oppa,kip fighting!

  2. ngailua says:

    whoa!im watching city hunter and lmh oppa u brought me bk 2 lyf.you are 1 of d finest actor and no a about ur luks.2 handsome.realy lykur action scenes as well.saranghae oppa.keep fighting!god bless

  3. ngailua says:

    you always luk good.your just 2 handsome nd hot 2 resist…:-)nd ur a gr8 actor as well.no doubt!take gud care nd stay healthy.luv ya.

  4. lizzy says:

    Hi, Lee Min Ho, i hope you can know Peru i woul like you know the another continent here you have many fans. 🙂 wait to say ” i´ll visit south america” and they ´ll say ” yes!!! we are so happy”

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