Following yesterdays’ incident regarding SNSD’s Taeyeon being snatched away by an unknown man, the show’s MC Oh Jungtae has been receiving good responses for trying to help the members in stopping the sudden incident. When interviewed by Star News after the incident, Oh JungTae revealed that he was surprised and has asked the fans to stop calling him a hero.

On a recent statement by Oh Jungtae, he revealed that :

“During the performance, I saw a male stranger going onto the stage to grab Taeyeon so I went up to stop him. After that, the body guards came up to put a stop to the situation.”

“Don’t treat me like a hero. I just happened to be the first to see and went up. You are embarrassing me.”

“I was surprised, and Taeyeon was surprised as well. After the incident, she said ‘Thank you’ to me and had a small chat with me.”

“Because of the situation, I don’t know what happened to that guy afterwards. I just knew I had to go up to the empty stage to calm down the confused audience”.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment has confirmed that they have not turned over the case to the police and will not be pressing charges at this point.

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