On the 17th of April, SNSD’s leader Taeyeon remained to be one of the most talked about topic after she was dragged out of stage by an unidentified man. Earlier today, Taeyeon joined SNSD as they performed their hit songs on Coupang Angel Price Music Festival. However, for some unknown reason an unidentified man went on stage and dragged Taeyeon out in between their “Run Devil Run” performance. Luckily, fellow member Sunny who was the first person to notice the commotion immediately responded and stopped the man from pulling Taeyeon back.

More updates under the cut:

According to some fan accounts, it was revealed that the man came backstage and has now started questioning on the security from the organizers. The man is reported to have been detained but still remains unconfirmed if Taeyeon or SM Entertainment will press charges or not.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment has sent out an official notice stating that “During the [Angel Price Music Festival], there was an incident. Taeyeon handled it very bravely and security prevented the situation from becoming more severe. Audience and staff had initially thought the man on stage was a staff member. SNSD returned to their dorms after the concert and are currently resting. We are glad that this incident was settled and did not become something more serious.”

For the time being here is a fan taken video of the incident:

Article By OHKPOP (iloveohkpop.wordpress.com) 


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  1. daisukiyunho says:

    Sunny is now one of my favourite snsd members!!! wow that must have been scary!

  2. Jenny Ngo says:

    Poor Taeyeon….

  3. plumbing says:

    The man that grabbed Taeyeon was such a big fan nobody can blame him SNSD is a great group. I hope they will understand the man’s side maybe he was just carried away but still what he did was bad.

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