Recently celebrating their 1000th day since debut, 2AM’s Jokwon leaves a heartfelt message to their fans. On the 7th of April, Jokwon posted a new message dedicated to their fans in thanks of their 1000th day celebration.

Full message under the cut:

09.07.11 2AM.
I AM fans who love us..

As I think more and more about how time passes quickly, every moment is very important, regretful,happy and thankful.Thank you..

Music of 2AM, and the change we’ve been through since debut.
With a beautiful promise of faith and love, we tried our very best
with cries,laughters, angers and so many other emotions. And we are all walking with the same heart.

We could’ve stopped to take a rest and breath..
but we walked together with a fast pace.

And in every moment of every second, forgotten memories, faded memories, and memories we want
to recall,are all with us together, building up and up as the happy memories.

Singers and fans.

Of course, it’s close relationship, but sometimes it also feels remoted too.
No fans exist without us and we don’t exist without fans..
It’s the wonderous and beautiful relationship.

That’s why we walk together.
That’s why we sing, entertain, and laugh, cry, and be happy together.

2AM sing, likes to sing, are the four mens who really loves music more than anything.
IAM likes 2AM’s music, likes to sing, are 2AM’s fans who become happy because of 2AM.

So on the 1001th day, we think, and practice as always, to pay back to you with better music and us,
and to walk together with IAM.

I love you.Keep Going,,.

-2AM leader, Jo Kwon-

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The dream was always running ahead of me. To catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that was the miracle.

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