In light with the recent videos of Infinite’s rehearsals on music shows circulating around the internet, Infinite’s official fancafe has released a notice regarding some restrictions. On the 4th of April, Infinite’s Fancafe released an official notice reminding fans of the restriction on posting photos and videos being taken on various events if it is not allowed by their company.

Translated notice under the cut:

[CAFE] 110402 – Fancafe Notice

Also, like it was mentioned last time, we are not allowing any pictures or videos to be taken during all of Infinite’s schedules.

We ask for homepages as well as cafes to refrain from posting pictures that haven’t been allowed by the company, like fansignings and fanmeetings have, such as pre-recordings and videos from the broadcast (T/N: prior to it being released).

And there will be actions taken upon pictures and videos uploaded from now on (T/N: that don’t follow the rules).

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