Despite all the fan drama and other speculations over the past few days following the official withdrawal of Alexander and Kibum from U-KISS, their agency NH media officially releases a statement regarding the incident. On the 23rd of February, the management agency posted their official apology to the fans, for any troubles caused of this whole ordeal and further explained the reasons of Kibum’s contract termination. More on, they have also confirmed that a new member is indeed in the process of joining the group prior to their comeback.

Official statement under the cut:

Hello, this is NH Media,

U-kiss would like to thank everyone from your supports and would like to apologize for the series of articles that were revealed. Also, we would like to give our official notice about the issues.

First, we would like to say sorry. With regards to this issue, Kibum and Alexander withdrawing from the group is indeed true and it is true that U-kiss will have a new member and are currently in practice/rehearsing.

We terminated Kibum’s contract because of his position in the group. Alexander did left the group and his domestic individual activities is currently on talk/ planning about it.

U-kiss will have a new member that would give different image of the group to fans. We strive to develop the group’s image/ or the group’s situation.

Once again, U-kiss would like to thank everyone for showing their concern regarding this matter.

If it has cause you inconvenience, we sincerely apologize.

SOURCE: + GoKpop
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  1. hikkiFM says:

    this was translated by

    • ohgelie says:

      Hi HikkiFM. I’m sorry for the mixed up. The GoKpop credit wasn’t included in the source when I first took it from Rocketboxx. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll put you up in a bit.

  2. ohgelie says:

    Was it? I took this from rocketbox? Let me check.

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