After all the rumours that has been going on over Alexander’s emotional tweets, NH Media has finally confirmed that two members are leaving UKISS. On the 23rd of February, it has been reported that members Alexander and Kibum has left the group with an agreement to their agency. Despite the current speculations going round on their respective fansites, some reported details of this new ordeal will be posted under the cut:

On a recent press release, NH Media confirms that Kibum and Alexander are leaving the group due to their decision to replace them with two new members. The company explains that :

“First of all, I would like to apologize for suddenly coming up with the news of the withdrawal of the U-Kiss members. The [withdrawal] information that was presented before was an issue that the staff had been contemplating about for a long time, and during that time, U-Kiss was preparing for a new album.”

“The other members of U-Kiss have been showing great interest about the idea of getting new members, which we haven’t thought about. We’re trying to somehow schedule their comeback more smoothly. We will be posting news about the new members and their comeback really soon.”

However, despite speculations that Alexander was leaving the group for personal reasons and Kibum for business purposes – Kim Kibum directed his thoughts on both his Cyworld and Twitter to explain his side. On a recent tweet to his fans, Kim Kibum states that :

hello this is ukiss kim kibum.

no, i was the member of ukiss, kim kibum.

i pushed this back for about two months, and now i had the courage to write it.

let me say this first now. in the beginning of february 2011,

me and the entertainment had a termination agreement on my contract.

the entertainment wanted to change the members according to the requirements on the agreement.

ever since that day, i am not a part of ukiss.

a lot of pople think that it was because of the piro piro business and because people are losing interest in ukiss but its not true. i think its two different thoughts.

ukiss, who cares more than anyone, the piro piro business was not used to schedule their schedules.

even though we feel like family, i thought about the members. separating like this, is really sad but i have a lot of flaws and disappointment so i thought that ukiss needed a change, and told my opinion to the entertainment/angency.

in a way, even though we are broken up, i learned a lot, and met a lot of nice and amazing people. i even met ukiss members, and i am very thankful.

writing a few lines to the people who loves me. it might be a big hurt to you and i feel bad. for a little while, i am planning to do a lot of shows by myself. no matter where i am, what i do, please cheer for me. i wanna say thank you and broadcaster, businessman kim ki bum.

Meanwhile, fans have been eagerly waiting for Alexander’s thoughts on this new ordeal but for the meantime – stay tuned to OHKPOP for more updates regarding UKISS, Alexander and Kibum’s future activities.

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