On a recent statement released by William Choi, one of  Rain’s representatives in the United States, has revealed his thoughts of Rain’s upcoming career despite getting a big break from his military enlistment. According to him, Rain will definitely be a global star who hasn’t shown his true age yet.

According to William Choi, one of Rain’s representative under ‘Management 360’ :

“Rain will surely be a global star who enjoys prodigious success all over the world.

I think he hasn’t yet begun to show his age. He’ll be on break by entering the military, but that does not matter.

He must be one of Hollywood’s hottest and most sought-after young actors and be more famous than he was before entering the military, even after several years.

He has not only a good attitude toward work but also great guts, and the scope of his role is very wide enough to tackle any role with ease, from a romantic comedy to a science fiction.”

Article By OHKPOP (iloveohkpop.wordpress.com)



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The dream was always running ahead of me. To catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that was the miracle.

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  1. BTSCelebs says:

    Most actors are ignored by Kpop fans when they return from the military. I hope Rain is one of the lucky few. Hollywood will definitely be an incredible journey for him to continue.

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