On the 1st of February, the director of GD&TOP’s latest music video ‘Baby Goodnight’ tweeted his thoughts on the new music video as he reveals that the one released was the second version. Tweeting the link of the video, he placed a caption on the link saying ‘YG EDIT’. More on, on one of his posted updates he revealed that the original version of the music video is a hundred times more vulgar than the edited one and hopes that the unedited and 19+ version of the video will be released soon.

More of his tweets under the cut:

Tweets from the director (SXIVA gibeak lee) of Baby Goodnight MV:

This year the second MV, ‘Baby Goodnight’, has been released. The original version is very very very x100 vulgar but because it has been ‘purified’ thousand times the meaning is not delivered very well. But someday the revealing time will come. The 19+ rated version of Baby Goodnight. Haha

What I mean by vulgar is not because the actions were obscene, but because the image or the Mise-en-Scene (visual theme) has this vulgar feel. Friends who knows can come to the office Haha Now going. home.

SOURCE:  @SXIVA, BigbangWorld, Winalicious@BigBangVIP.net and BIGBANGUPDATES
Article By OHKPOP (iloveohkpop.wordpress.com)


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