On a recent interview with KBSTV2 Entertainment Tonight, 2NE1 member Dara has revealed a new insight of fellow YG Entertainment artist GDragon. On the said interview, Dara reveals that : “G-Dragon is someone you’d think ‘This is a man I hope to find good romance with,’ though you won’t think it of him as she describes a certain event that happened on one of their company’s ski trips last year. Further more, she explained that : Not long ago, I went to ski with G-Dragon. Usually, though it’s not something many people believe, G-Dragon is not one who says so many words. So he got my ski board that I was carrying, without saying anything. Also on the interview, GDragon also sent in a reply to Dara’s story saying that : “Sandara Park was holding this board that looked like twice her weight. It looked hard for her. So without care, I got it, her thanks is enough.” What a complete gentleman, any words for this new confession of the two?

Article By OHKPOP (iloveohkpop.wordpress.com)


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5 responses »

  1. k! says:

    love is coming…

  2. susuhahaluv2ne1!!! says:

    oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!he’s such a gentleman!!! love GD love DARA love 2NE1 love YG!!!!!!!!!!

  3. cling2.91 says:

    waaaaaaaaaa~ kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ DARAGON~!!!!
    furthermore~!! i just found out that GD was the one who wrote Taeyang’s I need a girl~!!!! i thought it was just the rap too… omo~!!

  4. Lara 21JRS says:

    Aww, gd is so nice! I love him! They will be a cute lovin couples together! Who do u guyz like more? Gd with bommie or gd with dara?

  5. Wait, so are they actually going out? D: But Taeyang has a huge crush on her…!!

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