Super Junior’s Kim Heechul is once again the spotlight after his controversial tweets marked mixed responses. On the 24th of January, Heechul retweeted an anti’s tweet, in which the owner received backlash for. The mere action caused the anti to delete her posts and cancel her Twitter account. However, mixed reactions have resulted after Heechul’s actions caused more attacks from his followers. In reply, Kim Heechul posted a long rant of the matter on his Twitter account.

Heechul’s tweets :

“Worry about the country, the society, and the economy in that time. When you have the time to read Internet replies, read a newspaper article.. What’s the point of being able to read if you can’t understand what you’re reading.. You have no start and finish and it’s all illogical. If you just stay silent, at least you’ll be average. Arf arf~”

“I doubt most of the country cares about me or all of you. In fact, I don’t even know if they’ll see this post. They just say it’s fun if I say it is and say it’s not if I say it’s not.. You all act like you’re the spokespeople for the whole country.”

“Have you tried doing something good for your parents while you have time to bash someone? Turn the light on in your room instead of your eyes and draw out your future. But I guess I’m just as childish for fighting the people shitting on me here.. If you’re gonna shit on something, go do it in your bathroom.”

“Also, you red-eyed dogs that don’t have anything to rip apart. I guess you know you did wrong, because when something comes out you make it into something big and go insane… You are part of the public and you are part of the country, but you’re neither the whole public nor the entire country.”

“I can do good things for my parents, and I’m thankful that I have something I can call my own.. Do I seem like a slave to you? I’m sure all of the people who have experienced society doesn’t think so. I don’t know if you’ll see this or not, but I’m going to thank all those people ^-^”

“Let me ask all of the public. Do I seem like a slave? Do I seem not free? Before I was a celebrity, I was like every other man and I’ve done part-time and full-time jobs. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been in the society for a bit, but I’m thankful for the way I am now.”


SOURCE : @Heedictator, KOREABOO
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  1. QUINCY says:

    His words sound harsh, but I like it 😀 It’s time for brainless antis to be taught some lessons 😀

  2. […] artystę, który stanął w obronie innych lub odpisywał na zarzuty względem siebie (źródło: tu i tu) Koreańskie fani wiodą też prym w strajkowaniu. ELFy (fan club Super Junior) sprzeciwiły […]

  3. KH says:

    did he really tweeted this?

  4. syifa' says:

    i’m very sorry for you heechul..i’m your fan and i really love you so much..i’ll support you you oppa..saranghae..!!!!!
    just think your fan want look you success and have a good, hwaiting oppa!!!!!

  5. ping says:

    what exactly did the anti fan say?

  6. منى says:

    اوببا انا احبك ^^

  7. hi says:

    anti fans were saying he shud hav died in the car accident

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