Previously, three of Korea’s major broadcasting stations have announced a ban on Gdragon and TOP’s ‘Knockout’ claiming its inappropriateness for broadcast due to a slang curse word. Despite the ban – the duo along with their management went on to prepare for another single ‘Don’t Go Home’ instead. A shock came on the 14th of January after MBC announced that the new song ‘Don’t Go Home’ failed to pass MBC after already being sent for re-evaluation.

According to MBC, the lyrics of the track ‘Don’t Go Home’ were said to imply an imagination for adult matters leaving YG Entertainment appalled by the sudden announcement.

The alleged for the said track :

“Was the ticking of the clock always that loud? The only sound I can hear is myself swallowing, what can I say? Look, baby, I just want to greet the morning with you. Let’s have a secret party by ourselves before this night is gone… Callin’ up your parents. I act strong, but I’m sort of nervous. S.O.S, we still have a long way to go. Oh, wait why am I like this? Am I drunk? I’m nauseous, I’m falling asleep..”

Meanwhile, GDragon also expressed his disappointment for the announcement by stating : “I am disappointed, especially because we tried our best and they didn’t accept it. I want to gift our fans and show them a great stage, but I’m disappointed that we’re banned from broadcast.”

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