Earlier on, Allkpop revealed an article regarding the authenticity of GD+TOP’s Beats Headphones featured on their current promotions after being contacted by the company stating : “It is unclear at this time if they are authentic Beats headphones that have been customized with GD&TOP artwork, or if they are counterfeit products making unauthorized use of Beats logos and design.” Further more, they company also confirmed that the products being sold on CJMALL in Korea are not authorized products, leading fans to question if the ones being sold are indeed real. However, fansite 21BANGS have revealed that the headphones sported by GD+TOP are indeed real as YG Entertainment has ordered certain amounts of it with the emphasis that it is not for sale.  So with all these issue, what do you think is the real story? I hope YG Entertainment clears it up.

Article By OHKPOP (iloveohkpop.wordpress.com)


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