It has been confirmed! On a recent message posted on Cube Entertainment’s homepage, the company has confirmed that B2ST will be having their first concert this year. The event entitled ‘WELCOME TO BEATS AIRLINE’ will be held in Seoul’s Olympic Stadium on the 12th of December.

[Announcement of BEAST’s 1st Concert ‘WELCOME TO BEAST AIRLINE’]

This is CUBE Entertainment.

On the upcoming date December 12, 2010 (Sunday) at 5:00PM, BEAST’s first concert ‘WELCOME TO BEATS AIRLINE’ will be held in the Seoul Olympic Stadium as the announcement for tickets was made through the interpark on the 14th.

For the fans who want to attend BEAST’s first concert ‘WELCOME TO BEAST AIRLINE’ may click the link below and after you have gone through the page regarding ticket purchase on the interpark, you may purchase your ticket in following directions.

Click here to see the interpark ticket purchase.

Tickets will be selling starting October 26, 2010 (Tuesday) at 8:00PM.

Regarding the performance.

-Date of concert: December 12, 2010 (Sunday) at 5:00PM.
-Location of concert: Seoul Olympic Stadium.
-Ticket price: First Standing (88,000 ₩) / First Class (88,000 ₩)
-Ticket price: Business (66,000 ₩) / Economy (44,000 ₩)

The tickets will be sold in solid form.
After checking the sections of the tickets, then you may reserve your ticket.

First standing = Standing Area
First Class = R Section
Business Class = S Section
Economy Class = A Section

All preparations have finished.
Now, BEAST’s airplane is just waiting for take-off.
The first vacation with BEAST.
The airport will be at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.
Gather and let’s take off together.
On December 12th, BEAST AIRLINE will be making its first take-off in the Seoul Olympic Stadium.
Don’t miss out on the 6 captains and the flight attendants with their hot on-board service.
There won’t be a lot of chances in hopping on board as a passenger.
Receive the best on-board service BEAST will ever give.
Enjoy the vacation with BEAST.
Have fun in being BEAST’s passenger.

Thank you.





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