Scheduled to appear on the 9th of October for “2010 Olleh Jeju Festival”, it has been reported today that Lee Minho will not be able to attend the event. On an information posted by his agency on his official homepage, they announced that the Korean actor who’s scheduled to grace the even has been postponed.



This is Starhaus entertainment.

The “2010 Olleh Jeju Festival” on October 9th which Min Ho Lee was a guest, has been postponed.

We regret not being able to meet the expectations of our fans who have been awaiting this event.

Actor Min Ho Lee also regrets not being able to meet his fans and has promised to return to support through putting in his up most efforts in the upcoming dramas.

We sincerely ask for your understanding.

Thank you~

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  1. izmy says:

    do you have a problem………….?
    why do you not be present at the show……….

  2. dafia says:

    hii my name is dafia..I’m living in the sydney australia right now,,I’m just wondering if lee min ho has a planning to come here to have vacation or tour..I had a dream if I can see minho just face to face..before I didnt know who is he but when I watched his movie as F4..after that I like to follow what he is doing,he is really cool guy n cute..I wish I can see him not just only in my dream..



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