After confirming that he will be part of the Japanese musical “Kizuna” (絆―少年よ大紙抱け), Park Jungmin met with the press today to announce more of his individual activities. Despite feeling a bit lonely of doing promotions alone, Jungmin happily announced his activities in Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

With regards to the question asked about his first solo activity in Japan, “I feel a little lonely now. It seems like there wasn’t a time I’ve felt how wide a press conference’s table could be. But it won’t do if I don’t say some things straightforwardly, so it’s kinda complexed actually”.

However his lonely expressions were for a moment only, “At the end of this month, I will be holding a press conference in Taiwan; in November, I will release a single in Korea and prepare for a musical & fanmeeting in Japan; while next year, I will also have a drama in Korea and Taiwan”, as he describes his busy solo schedules and shows his strong confidence.

Yamaha A&R CEO Seumi Junichi who was the main organizer of this day’s press conference who also attended to it expressed with regards to Park Jungmin’s Japanese music activities, “Though it’s aimed for December, we will slowly adjust according to his Korea music activities and then decide because looking at the situation now, we can’t say for sure in detail”.

On the other hand, Park Jungmin will be having a friendly appearance in the musical “Kizuna” (絆―少年よ大紙抱け) from November 18 to November 23 in Japan Tokyo.

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