With Han Seungyeon down to a recent injury, Kara’s representatives has confirmed that the group will be appearing with four members for an upcoming performance for Wave Dream Concert. Due to her injury, Kara’s activities have been rescheduled and has apologized that only four member of the group will be appearing for now.

An official of Kara had a conversation with Asia Economic News in Sports Today on the 7th and said that during the Wave Dream Concert only 4 members of Kara will be on the stage.

He added that due to Seungyeon’s injury everything is being rescheduled and that everyone is sorry that all 5 members will not be able to be on the stage.

This ceremony is a special event to commemorate four Korean Association of Corporate Entertainment producers, the Commission visiting Korea, Gyeonju of Gyeonsangbukdo (road in Korea(?)), and Ministry of Culture.

Meanwhile Super Junior, 2PM, 2AM, 2NE1, Seven, 4Minute, Beast, Son Dam Bi, Kara, After School, Miss A, FT Island, Supernova, Davichi, T-ara, MBlaq, U-Kiss, Secret, Flower, Seo In Gook, Eru, Nine Muses, Shinee, and more will be participating in this event.

Source: http://www.asiae.co….090714521686368
Translated by holyknight @ Karaholic.com



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  1. czakhareina says:

    i dont know if it wish too much.. but i wish sunghee would perform for them as substitute. i mean for olf times sake… i kinda like Sunghee’s voice, i all there songs now but when i heard their 1st single i kinda wished they remake that song again. ahhh
    but Seungyeon Get well soon…

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