You have seen the teaser photos and scans, but now Kim Hyunjoong’s Photobook is set for official release! After pre-orders started in Japan last month and Korea early September – fans of Kim Hyunjoong can now grab the physical copy of Kim Hyunjoong’s photobook.

A pictorial book featuring photographs of Korean idol Kim Hyun-joong’s travels in Spain will be released in Korea in mid-September, according to the book’s creator SBS Contents Hub on Monday.

SBS announced that the booklet titled “READY, ACTION!” will be released in the country on September 15, while preorders for the book began on September 1 in Korea and was pre-sold in Japan last month.

The 208-page book, divided into two parts under the themes of time he spends alone and time he spends in the eye of the public, contains pictures of the star and him with his travel companions in Spain.

“I was able to take part in a tour, visit famous parks and concert halls in Spain and watch the flamenco dance,” the actor was quoted as saying, adding that he had a good time traveling with great people.

Preorders for “READY, ACTION!” is available on online site until tomorrow and orders will open on various web-based sites on September 8.

Reporter : Lucia Hong luciahong@
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@
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