After a recent move to SPlus Entertainment, Kim Hyungjun starts off his solo activity in Singapore. He will be meeting his 3,000 fans for a private showcase.

After SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun recruitment into new agency, he’s departed for Singapore as he will be holding his first solo activity there.

Warner Music Singapore expressed, “SS501’s every single move and behaviour is being closely scrutinized by Asian media. For HyungJun’s Singapore fanmeet this time, in the initial when his event was being decided for, there were passionate responses we received. We couldn’t find a bigger and larger event hall to hold this fanmeeting which was a problem as was suggested by fans, so we couldn’t fulfil all the requests of fans”.

Kim Hyung Jun has said, “In fact I’m feeling very nervous and anxious about going to Singapore because it’s my first time there. Though it’s a short period of time, I’m anticipating to go to there because it’s some where I’ve wanted to visit all along, and also because I will be spending happy with my many fans”.

His agency also revealed, “Right now, there are many enthusiastic love calls coming in from Asia. Not just for singing, but also CFs, Movies, Dramas, etc, covering many various fields of suggestions”, “We have discussed with him, we have decided to hold fanmeetings for him on a regular basis, through various profiles that he will reveal, we will be expecting to show more of him through our plans we have for him through the mode of communication with his fans and of course his standing on world stages. We will decide and plan really carefully”.

Source : SS501ODE

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