Last August 18th, Kimbum, Kim HyunJoong, Goo Hyesun and Kim Joon all met up for a fanmeeting and showcase in Japan. The event entitled Boys over Flowers’ reunion event – Kim Hyunjoong reunited with his fellow castmates and shares that he doesn’t want to ‘GRADUATE’. Meanwhile, Lee Minho wasn’t able to attend the event due to schedule conflicts.

Kim Hyun Joong spent an enjoyable time with Goo Hye Sun, Kim Bum and Kim Bum, his fellow cast mates on the last 18th August at 2 showtime sessions of 3PM and 7PM respectively at Osaka Grand Cube Hall.

On this day, even before the official event began, hundreds of thousands of fans gathered in an orderly manner to await the entry into the event hall, which was quite a sight. In order to catch a glimpse of Kim Hyun Joong who will be standing on the stages of those 2 showtime sessions, hundreds of thousands fans filled Osaka Grand Cube Hall and grabbed every possible seat at once.With all the many seats sold out for each session, it showed the enthusiastic and passionate welcome from fans towards them.

Kim Hyun Joong who wasn’t able to partake in the ‘Boys over Flowers – Graduation Event’ last April expressed, “Was quite sad that I couldn’t take part in the last event. So I’m happy I can meet everyone again in this time’s alumni event”, “There’s no need for a graduation cert”, thus driving laughters from the audiences present. Following that, with the teaser of drama ‘Playful Kiss’ that is in midst of shooting played on screens, he continued to share interesting episodes that happened on set, thus bringing anticipation of this drama to another level.

Source : SS501ODE


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  2. irene rivera says:

    love them!!!seemed they are close to each other.

  3. lorna says:

    so nice of them to be together for this event….just like KH we can’t get over the BOF series….
    hope there will be a sequel of this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more …. more…. of the four (4) of them together…
    more power………….

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