Fans might often ask why Lee Minho doesn’t appear on variety shows that much. On the 18th of August, a representative of Lee Minho has revealed that being in the entertainment industry is not of his expertise just yet. Furthermore, it also been revealed that he is currently in vocal trainings as a preparations for possible musicals in the future.

Actor Lee Min Ho doesn’t participate in entertainment shows because it’s not his expertise?

On the 18th, a representative of Lee Min Ho and his company stated that the reason why Min Ho did not participate in any entertainment shows was because of his “lack of expert” in the field. Even after his recent drama MBC “Personal Taste” was over, his face never appeared in any of the entertainment shows during his break.

The representative stated, “It is not mysticism. We believe that entertainment is not really his expertise yet,” and “Min Ho is still young and needs to continue to carry on the weight of an actor, so we hope that you will look at him as an actor.”

The representative also stated about Min Ho’s next project, “Male actors often prefer to have an amazing role when choosing a project, but we’re looking for a role where he [Min Ho] can receive advices from his seniors, and can sharpen or verify his acting skills.”

On the other hand, Lee Min Ho is using networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to keep in touch with his international fans, and diligently studying English. He also plans to enter in musicals in the future, so he’s receiving vocal training as well.

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Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World


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