On a recent trip to Singapore for an LG Event, Lee Minho reveals that he is currently searching for his soulmate on one of his interviews.  After which he also revealed his excitement of learning English and being able to communicate with his fans via Twitter and Facebook.

Korean star Lee Min Ho desperately seeking soulmate

By Liaw Lee Sun, channelnewsasia.com | Posted: 03 August 2010 1318 hrs
Reposted by drenjello@soompi

SINGAPORE : “When it comes to women and female friends, I’m not as aggressive, but kind of shy. I’ve never actually asked for a phone number from them,” popular Korean heart-throb Lee Min Ho admits.

It’s hard to imagine, sitting amidst the media who met the actor, before more than 2,000 female swooned over their private fan-meet session at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre last weekend, courtesy of LG Electronics.

Despite that shy demeanor, the heart-throb had no problems talking his way into the hearts of fans.

“You,” answered Lee to a fan who asked the star on the kind of girl that he likes.

The fans got the chance to brush shoulders with him up close, play games and one even went home with a well-smooched sketch – Lee planted a lip-glossed kiss on it – when the actor tried to play artist, drawing cartoon sketches for his fans.

Those who can’t get enough of Lee can follow him online as the star has been busy Tweeting under @ActorLeeMinHo.

It’s not a poser account, as Lee personally verified.

“I get a lot of questions from fans on my Facebook and Twitter, and a lot of fans on Facebook are from Singapore. I’m studying English these days so as to keep up and communicate with them better,” he said.

There’s no doubt the on-screen leading man is as romantic off-screen.

Speaking to reporters earlier, he recalled a time when he stayed on the phone for 13 hours – all because of love.

“The longest phone call that I had was with my ex-girlfriend. That call lasted 13 hours, but that’s also because I fell asleep,” he recalled with grin.

However, the dashing and currently date-less actor is desperately seeking a soulmate.

“I wished there’s a function or cellphone app for meeting women – a dating function would be good,” joked the 23-year-old star.

“Maybe more for meeting of people who share the same hobbies and interests – such a function would be good,” he straightened up and said.

But for now, the object of his affections is Choco – his pet dog.

When asked whom he misses and wished he could call, Lee said: “This is kind of silly but I haven’t seen my dog for a while, so the first ‘person’ I’ll like to call and talk to right now is my dog.”

“I really wanted to bring my pet over to Singapore,” he added.

That drew sympathetic sighs all around for Lee whose weekend visit was his third to Singapore, and coincides with his new romantic-comedy TV drama “Personal Taste”, which is slated to air on MediaCorp’s Channel U in September.

In his latest role, Lee plays a talented architect who pretends to be gay in order to rent a room from the female lead, Son Ye Jin.

Ever since filming wrapped up in May, the actor has been indulging in his new-found hobby – cooking. And the recipe he’d been experimenting with is chili crabs!

“I caught up with friends and was busy with hobbies and activities such as swimming and cooking. I’ll like to cook for my girlfriend too but I don’t have one now,” said Lee.

Perhaps, it’s time he starts asking girls for their phone numbers. I’m sure no one would bear to turn him down.



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