Representatives of Park Jaebom’s upcoming fanmeetings have announced little updates on their progress thus far. On a recent phone interview, the representative has expressed that they have found a suitable MC for the show. As to who the person who will be helping Jaebom on his series of showcases, we can only wait.

Jaebum’s fan meeting associate spoke with Newsen over the phone on the afternoon of the 30th and stated, “Jay is working hard in preparation for his fan meeting. We ask for your interest. There aren’t any confirmed programs but there are a lot of events involving the fans that are being planned. Fans will be able to solve quizzes with Jaebum and even come up on stage.”

He went on to state, “A formal MC or a gagman will be the fan meeting host, not anyone that Jaebum has a special friendship with.”

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  1. NyNy says:

    Wish he would come to London really~

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