On the 22nd of July, the cast and crew of Hype Nation with Korea’s press in a meeting as they talk about the upcoming film and its progress. Among the most questioned actor was returning idol Park Jaebom. In the meeting, it was reported that Park Jaebom talked about his role in the film, thoughts on his acting and the future roles he wish to do in the future. Meanwhile, he also refused to comment about his Myspace Issue last year.

Hype Nation is a Korean American joint project and will be shown in 3D. His role in the movie goes by the name of ‘Darkness,’ the leader of the Korean b-boy team. The movie is about a battle against American b-boys at an international b-boy conference held in Korea.

Jaebum stated:

  • “I’m still lacking, not enough to be called a movie actor. However, when I monitor my own acting, I don’t think it’s as awkward as I thought. I’m glad that I’m able to participate in a movie about dancing. The hardest part about filming was when I was coughing or tumbling while I had no strength and almost getting hurt.”
  • Regarding his character, Jaebum stated, “Darkness is the antagonist. He’s a bit different from me except the dancing part.”
  • “I’m still not that great with Korean. I think I need to study more Korean if I want to do movies. I don’t have a lot of lines in this movie but most of it is in Korean. I hope I get more opportunities to be able to act in Korean. “
  • When asked what role he would like to play, “I’d like to play comedy. I like to joke around a lot in general so a role that can make people laugh would be great.”
  • “I met Korean b-boys for the first time and realized why they’re the world’s best. I first started b-boying for fun but after meeting them, I thought that I need to dance more passionately.”

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