F.CUZ who will be meeting fans for three days continues their activities despite having two members injured. As reported, leader Jinon is suffering a shoulder injury while Kan has been experiencing redness in his eyes caused by his vessels bursting. Meanwhile, fans have commending positively of the group’s recent appearance despite their health.

Korean boy-band F.cuz, who will be visiting Taiwan for three days, has given many of their “first” to the Taiwanese fans. They will attend their “first” fan-meeting this afternoon with the two injured members, Leader Jinon and Kan. Their new choreography for songs from their mini album had also been revealed for the first time.

After arriving at Taiwan on the 18th, their schedules have been very tight. During their fan-meet performance, Jinon and the other members screamed: “I love Taiwan! I love all of you!”

In addition to Jinon, who had an injured shoulder, the other injured member is dancer Kan. Due to the excess amount of practice before they came to Taiwan, Kan woke up seeing his white parts of his eyes extremely red. He went to the doctors right away, finding out that his eye vessels have burst.

Kan, scared that he will scare his fans, had his sunglasses on the whole time during the fan-meet, causing all the fans to scream: “Kan is so cool!”

F.cuz, during their first fan-meeting, have revealed their brand new choreography for “Because of You” and “Boy Meet Girl”. They also tried English ballads for the very first time. The four of them sang Westlife’s “My Love”, while main vocal Lee U and Ye Jun sang Craig David’s “Rise & Fall.”

Source: Yahoo.tw
Translation: MiMi @ FCuzed


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