After temporary announcing of TVXQ’s halt in activities, a sub-unit composed of Jaejoong, Yochun and Junsu started their tour in Kyocera Dome yesterday. This will be the first time since their hiatus, that the three members came together to celebrate with the fans. News report and fan accounts has it, the dome was packed and ended with tears of gratitude from the members.

Tohoshinki’s Tears, Kyocera Dome is Filled With 46,000 Audiences

From popular Korean group Tohoshinki, the members who formed a new unit Jejung (24), Yuchun (24), and Junsu (23) on June 5th at Kyocera Dome in Osaka kicked off the tour of 4 Dome concert performances in 2 cities.

For Yuchun and Jejung, the stage was probably their stage after 5 months hiatus. This is the first time of the 3 people to do live together. Being greeted with a great cheers of approximately 46,000 audiences in such historical Dome, Jejung said, “It was really anxious, when thinking about this live. Whether the fans will really come… but it’s awesome.” then he chocked up with cry. Junsu, “I’m glad that many people came,” said with watery eyes, the new unit’s new song “いつだって君に (For You Always)” (release date to be determined) and 4 other unreleased songs were included in 18 songs that were performed in the concert that night.

In July last year, these 3 members went into conflict with their Korea agency to nullify their exclusive contract. Thus after much discussion, Tohoshinki decided to have an indefinite activity suspension. Yuchun confessed that he even thought that he would have a retirement as a singer. However the fans gave him an opportunity to recover with their warm supports.

The concept of this Dome concert is to deliver the members’ gratitude to fans who have supported them until the end. Lastly, Yuchun said, “I thank to all of our fans that I’m able to continue singing today.” with tears of gratitude, Jejung also added, “We will strive to always make everyone smiling.” in tears and promised for further growth in the future.

source: sanspo


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  1. Love their songs.

    Thanks for the links and the write up!

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