Afternoon of the 3rd of June, fans and press people alike spotted Rain at Incheon Airport. The international star recently caused everyone’s hype after being nominated for MTV Movie Awards to be held in LA.  Despite finishing his album promotions, after MTV Movie Awards Event – he will be heading to Japan for his series of concerts.

Rain has departed from Korea for 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

Rain has departed from Incheon Airport on the afternoon of the 3rd for LA where he will attend 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

He has been nominated for a MTV Award for Biggest Badass Star with ‘Angelina Jolie’, ‘Channing Tatum’, etc.

Unlike Academy Awards, MTV Movie Awards are more popular as they vote on who is going to win the award that reflects young moviegoers’ tastes, so MTV Movie Awards are being recognized by moviegoers and movie professionals in that.

Meanwhile, Rain finished his activities with his special album and plans to focus on preparing his concert in Japan after MTV Movie Awards.

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