As a gift to the fans, Lee Minho will be celebrating his birthday through a fan meeting. On the 20th of June, Lee Minho will be meeting his fans for ‘The Special Day with Minoz’ Event. According to his agency, the actor is currently preparing for the event and is in talks of bringing in surprise guests and performances.


Actor Lee Min Ho finished filming “Personal Taste” on the 20th, and will be meeting his fans for the first time since then.

Upcoming on June 20th, Min Ho will celebrate his birthday (June 22nd) with 4,500 fans from across the country at Kyung Hee University’s Peace Palace for “The Special Day with Minoz” event.

A representative stated, “At the event, Lee Min Ho will show a different color that you’ve never seen before, and will surprise his fans by bringing special guests, and he’s preparing for his own special performances.”

Last year, 2,500 fans filled up the seats within a minute, so they had to open another event. Guests such as Kim Su Ro, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Ki Bang, T-Max, K-Will, and Park Bo Young attended his birthday event last year.

The fan meeting ticket will be available on May 27th through Auction, and will be available to everyone. Also, if you purchase a ticket, you will automatically be a member of Lee Min Ho’s fan club.

Once Lee Min Ho finished filming his drama “Personal Taste” on the 20th, he wrote on his official homepage, “Because of everyone’s hospitality, I was able to achieve many things,” and “What I will remember the most is everyone’s hospitality. I don’t know how I’m going to repay you. I will think of a good idea.”

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Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World


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