2AM, who will be celebrating three May birthdays on the 29th have received great turn out after the suprise announcement for their fans. After the announcement was posted, 1000 fan immediately replied in a span of 1 minute. 1000 fan club members and fans that have been invited will attend JoKwon’s May Birthday Party this Saturday.

Have fun to those coming to the event.

“1000 people are invited”…2AM’s birthday party filled in 1 minute

2AM is going to have a birthday party for Changmin Seulong, and Jinwoon who all have May birthdays, and it was filled within 1 minute.

1000 official fan club members and fans that were invited online will attend what Jokwon calls the ‘May Birthday Party’ on this coming Saturday, May 29, at 5pm in the AX hall in Seoul. Just like last week’s Guerilla, the online event that closed one minute after starting is of hot interest to fans.

At the party 2AM will sing their hits ‘This Song’, ‘Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die’, and ‘I Did Wrong’. Because it’s been a while, they have also planned an event so they can directly communicate with their fans.

2AM’s fans participated and said congratulations through videos and pictures. It’s also being noticed that the birthday party poster where 2AM is drawn as cartoon characters was drawn by a high school fan.

Reported by: Yu Myung Joon
Credit: NATE news
Article: http://news.nate.com/view/20100528n02607

Translated by michystar @ W2D


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