On this year’s Dream Concert 2010, SS501 who was due to unveil their new title single opted to sing a ballad following Kim HyunJoong’s recent injury. However, the quintet’s leader Kim HyunJoong appeared with his members despite recovering from recent injury. More so, member Kim KyuJong apologized with the sudden turnout – with the fans replying ‘It’s Okay’ in a chant.

Quintet male group SS501’s leader KimHyunJoong went on stage along with his injuries and performed to their ballad track.

SS501 sang a total of 2 songs on the stage of ‘2010 I love Korea, Dream Concert’ at 8.40pm
at Seoul Mapo-gu, Sangam Worldcup Gymnasium Stadium, and the 2 songs are
already-existing song ‘One Only Day’ and a ballad track from their new and upcoming album
“Let Me Be the One”. All of them wore black-toned outfits and stood alongside one another
and performed to their ballad tracks in a surrounding of serenity.

SS501’s KimKyuJong said, “Though we were supposed to perform to our title track
from our new album in actual reality, but because of inevitable circumstances,
we had to pushback that plan”, “Beginning from next month 4th, we will start
our activities with new song”. (FYI after KJ said the 1st sentence, wul sisters
shouted out very very very very very deafening loudly to a ‘It’s okay’~~~~~~)

SS501’s agency DSP media has said on 22nd may that it was unreasonable for KimHyunJoong
to carry out rehearsals with a dance track, so they replaced it with a ballad track instead,and will still carry out their comeback activity schedules as per scheduled.

Credit: joongang korea
Translated be Ode501

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5 responses »

  1. Mikki says:

    Now these are true artist.
    Despite the hurt, he still performs
    Not like someone who makes excuse not to sing & perform *coughjunsucough*
    My respect for Hyun Joong 🙂

  2. Annie B. says:

    The adage “the show must go on ” is a highly esteemed principles of artists who are professionals no matter what . Add to that is “smile even though your heart is aching ” – a facade to hide the pain the true artists internalized to fulfill their role as performers . Our SS501 collectively know these by heart and Hyun Joong in particular . We have witnessed in the past that he continued with his participation in spite of injuries and weakened body.

  3. charity says:

    To Kim Hyun Joong, first off Happy late B-day ^_^

    Congrats on your new 2 songs on your upcoming album. When I”d listen to One Only Day I fell in love all over again. I wish someday I’d have a chance on meeting you. Until that day….

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