With immense popularity comes greater responsibilities and Star Haus Agency are dealing every part of it. Lee Minho’s agency has battled against fake Twitter accounts and announcements ever since. On their latest notice, the agency has confirmed the wrong article that has been spreading along fan sites about a certain fan registration and event. Truth be told, registration of the fanclub has not been opened yet and there will be no events for Lee Minho’s 4th Year Debut. They all clarified this matter on their latest announcement.

More of their official statement under the cut:


This is Starhaus Entertainment.

Today, regarding to Lee Min Ho’s Debut 4th Year Event, there was a mistake on an article that was posted.

In the article, it stated, “There will be a fan signing event on the 17th at the Seoul Lotte Mall Young Plaza, and on June 21st, there will be a birthday party at the Seoul Children’s Park Tom Art Hall.”

These events took place last year in 2009 and is NOT taking place in 2010.

For 2010, we will announce more information about Minoz 2 fan club sometime next week.

– Registration to join the fan club is not opened yet.
– Those who joined Minoz 1, it will end on June 21st. Those who still want to be part of the fan club, you can join again in Minoz 2 once we post up more information about it sometime next week.

Please enjoy your weekend.

Thank you!

Original Source: leeminho.kr
Translated By: Solly from Lee Min Ho’s World

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