More Kpop acts are bound to enter the Philippines soon! According to Manila Bulletin, there’s a big possibility that Korean idol group SS501 may visit Manila really soon.

Fangirlasia, are currently negotiating sponsers and SS501 for a fan meeting in July. They are currently doing a survey on how many fans could actually turn out for the event, so that the processes would be confirmed.

Note : Everything is still TENTATIVE. So, whatever the results may be – I’m sure they will let us now. So to the fans who want this fanmeet to push through please participate in their survey.

UPDATE! OhKpop found the FaceBook Fanpage that you could all participate on if you wanna come on the ‘tentative event’. This will help the organizers know how many they will be expecting. So help them! A more fixed big number the better when dealing in bringing these Kpop artists.


**We would like to remind everyone that this event is just a SURVEY. We are still under negotiation. If you are willing to attend a SS501 fan meet in the Philippines please RSVP now.

Date, time, and venue are tentative. There’s no option for a blank date so we used JULY 3.

Other information: to follow.

Omittted some parts of the article.
Full article here!

K-pop boy band SS501 may visit Manila in July

April 18, 2010, 6:09pm

Fangirlasia is currently negotiating to bring K-pop boy band SS501 to the Philippines for a fan meeting in July.

Triple S Philippines, the local fan club of SS501, has started accepting reservations from members for VIP seats that would cost P5,000 each.

Fangirlasia has also opened an event page on Facebook to know how many fans will be attending the event.

“We would like to remind everyone that this event is just a survey. We are still under negotiation. Date, time, and venue are tentative,” it said.

Since boy band SHINee visited the country in November last year, other K-pop groups followed suit. This year, bands that have already held shows in the country are 4Minute, FT Island, U-Kiss and Super Junior.

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Source : Manila Bulletin + Fangirlasia

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3 responses »

  1. yamamoto says:

    please guissst.,.
    we have to do this if you want to see SS501″)

  2. eunice says:

    please bring ss501 here..i love them..hihi…

  3. shawie says:

    i want ss501 come and visit to our country, i will watch their concert together with my family. it is one of my greatest dream. i really love and like the group because they are very talented specially leader kim hyun joong. they have their individual talents not just because they are handsome. they also love and care about their fans, thats whay the fans love them more. SS501 GROUP WILL DO THEIR BEST EVEN ONE OF THEM ARE NOT OKEY, THEYDO NOT DISSAPOINTED THEIR FANS.THE GROUP ARE HUMBLE, SIMPLE AND DOWN TO EARTH, LEADER HKJ WALK FOR THE MEMBERS NO MATTER WHAT. LEADER IS THE ONE WHO FIGHTS THE MEMBERS AGAINST ALL ODDS. HOPE ITS TRUE THAT THEY COME TO OUR COUNTRY. I WILL SAVE MY MONEY FOR THE CONCERT.

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