Jay’s Effect seems to be getting out there! After announcing that there’s a collaboration with Dumbfoundead and Clara on the 23rd, it seems that Jay Park is set to perform on another event.  Dumbfoundead is confirmed for the said event with AOM along with Jay Park as guests. All of these will be on the 30th of May in Seattle.

Further info on participating artists

Kero One is a California-based hip hop rapper/producer who has collaborated with the likes of Epik High (“Rock Steady” and “Map the Seoul” from their “Map the Soul” project album) and Talib Kweli.

Dok2 (pronounced “dohk-ee”) is a highly regarded, young hip hop musician in Korea who has produced songs for Drunken Tiger, Dynamic Duo, LeeSsang, and Epik High. Released his debut album “Thunderground” in late 2009. Seriously talented.

MYK is another Korean hip hop artist who has collaborated with Epik High on songs such as “Swan Song,” “Maze,” “Excuses,” and others.

Dumbfoundead is an LA-based Korean American rapper. In addition to his own stuff, he’s collaborated with the likes of Epik High (“Maze” and “Rocksteady” from the [e] album) and performed with Tiger JK/Drunken Tiger. He’s also collaborating with Jay and Clara for a track to be released on April 23rd.

CREDIT: Defense Productions Facebook Page
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